Workplace Injury Lawyers on Workers’ Comp Settlements

When it comes to your settlement, trust your case with a workplace injury lawyer Atlanta GA employees know and respect. Our workplace injury attorneys in Atlanta, GA understand that dealing with lost income and medical costs are strenuous enough, and, if at all possible, will help you avoid complex and consuming litigation while working to help you obtain a fair settlement.

What is a workers’ compensation settlement? The term “settlement” does not have one strict definition, but generally refers to an agreement between the injured party and the insurer that the injured party will receive a specific amount, and pursue no further legal action in the matter. Workers’ compensation settlements can be highly nuanced and complex, and, if not understood carefully, can lead to an injured worker settling for less-than-optimal terms. Before reaching an agreement, it is very important you receive quality legal counsel, to ensure you are not legally bound to a settlement that pays you less than you need or deserve.

A sound settlement can also help injured and exhausted workers avoid the mental strain of the litigation process. A lawsuit is a lengthy and taxing affair, which all parties generally hope to avoid.Whenever possible, our workplace injury lawyers in Atlanta GA will work to obtain compensation in the fastest, most straightforward way possible. We want our clients to spend less time in court and more time simply healing, rebuilding their quality of life.

The involved parties can agree to settle at any point during the claims process. Generally, however, this occurs during mediation, a collaborative process in which all parties try to reach a solution. Usually the insurance claims adjuster offers a sum and the injured worker and Atlanta workplace injury lawyer can counter. Having an attorney involved in the workers’ comp settlement process, again, can be the difference between a fair settlement and inadequate funding.

Each of our Atlanta, GA workplace injury lawyers is highly trained and experienced in a variety of workers’ compensation matters, from on-the-job motor vehicle accidents to slips-and-falls and more. Each case is unique, and our experienced attorneys possess the knowledge to help interpret your unique circumstances. If you or someone you know has been injured on the job in or around Atlanta GA, you would be wise to contact our workplace injury lawyer Atlanta GA practice. We possess the knowledge, the skills and the compassion, to fight tenaciously on your behalf.