Atlanta, GA Work Injury Attorney

Why is each work injury attorney Atlanta GA has to offer so important? Thanks to Federal and state law, and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), workers are entitled to certain protections under the law. Employers are expected to put every imaginable precaution in place to minimize the occurrence of workplace injuries. However, at-work injuries still occur, and obtaining compensation may not always be a simple task. Oftentimes employers and insurance providers will actively work to ensure that injured workers do not pursue the benefits to which they are fully entitled. When this happens, it is best to speak to a legal professional. Consulting with a qualified Atlanta GA work injury attorney as early as possible can help you protect yourself and fully understand your legal options.

There are different kinds of workplace injuries, and their causes stem from four main categories:

  1. Physical hazards– Working from heights and scaffolding, working with electrical wiring, working with sharp or heavy objects, and driving on the job all pose inherent risks and may result in physical strain, broken bones and other injuries.
  2. Ergonomic hazards– injuries that stem from repetitive movements and uncomfortable positioning
  3. Chemical hazards– Working with potentially corrosive or toxic chemicals such as acids and bases
  4. Biological hazards– working with blood, viruses, bacteria and other living/ once living specimens can encourage the spread of disease

Again, while employers are expected to put certain precautions in place, workers’ compensation law accounts for human error, and for dangerous circumstances beyond one’s control. If you have been injured at work, the law entitles you to certain benefits. Do not be dissuaded from filing a claim. Too often, our work injury attorneys in Atlanta hear stories of injured workers who listened to employers’ advice to “just sleep it off” or thought a verbal agreement that a boss would “take care of it” would be enough. The reality is, a workplace injury claim deserves much more serious attention. Even if your employer is genuinely helpful, you would still be wise to consult with our Atlanta GA workplace injury attorneys to ensure you understand your rights and responsibilities.

In addition to evasive employers, our Atlanta GA work injury attorneys frequently encounter insurance claims adjusters who will do everything in their power to delay payment and treatment in hopes that they capitulate. Alternately, they may simply offer less than the injured party deserves. When this happens, you would be wise to speak to a qualified attorney who can help ensure your voice is heard and your benefits are delivered.

Our Atlanta, GA workers’ comp attorneys will work tirelessly to secure a fair recovery for you. We will see that you receive medical and therapy payments to expedite your healing process. Furthermore, we can help to secure lost wages benefits for you, so that you still have a source of income while you are out of work. Workers’ compensation law in Georgia covers medical costs, lost wages, and permanent partial disability funds. To ensure you receive fair compensation for your injury-related expenses, contact us for work injury attorney Atlanta GA services today.