Atlanta, GA Workers’ Comp Lawyers Practice Areas

Any experienced workers comp attorney Atlanta GA has understands that obtaining workers’ compensation for your workplace injury isn’t easy. If you have become temporarily or permanently handicapped, or have developed a serious illness or chronic discomfort while on your work premises or performing your work duties, you may be entitled to workers’ compensation. Workers’ compensation is an important right that most employees in The United States have. Employers are typically legally obliged to have insurance on each of their employees for situations exactly like these. Unfortunately, employers will sometimes try to withhold such compensation in an attempt to avoid higher insurance premiums. This unfortunate trend is why having the representation of an excellent workers comp attorney Atlanta GA can offer is so important.

You may be wondering which types of incidents qualify for workers’ compensation. There is a wide variety of cases for which we may obtain compensation for you. However here are a few of the common types of cases:

  • Slip and Falls (also known as trip and falls) occur when a person maneuvering through a premises slips and subsequently falls because the floor had not been adequately cleared of obstructive items or slippery materials. Slip and falls are a leading cause of workplace injuries.
  • Overexertion occurs when a worker is using physical force to perform employment duties and exerts force in a manner that causes injury to any region of that worker’s body, most commonly in the lower back. These injuries can be extremely devastating as the lower back is central to a majority of your body’s movements. Physical therapy is often required to treat such injuries, the costs of which can be overwhelming.
  • Falling from heights: Most often endured in construction work, a fall from a rooftop, ladder, or a set of stairs can cause painful injuries which can also result in internal bleeding.
  • Trapped in Machinery: Many industrial workers’ are injured by dangerous machinery every year. Injuries may range from crippled fingers to the loss of an entire arm, and may result in a permanent loss of the ability to work.
  • Injury due to repetitive motion: Repetitive motions such as typing can lead to chronic pains in the joints most affected by these movements. A common chronic pain is carpal tunnel, a moderate pain in the hand that may render employees unable to type for long periods of time.
  • Exposure to Hazardous chemicals: Hazardous chemicals may be present in the workplace and can lead to a multitude of illnesses, including emphysema and cancer.

These are simply a few of the many possible ways that our clients have endured workplace injuries. If you have sustained any of these injuries or ailments, do not hesitate. Contact our workers’ comp attorneys in Atlanta GA immediately for a free consultation.