Can a workers compensation claim be made for carpal tunnel syndrome?

Though desk jobs aren’t nearly as dangerous as many blue collar jobs, they are not entirely without their risks. Sitting in front of a desk performing tasks on your computer puts repeated stress on the joints of your fingers which can lead to a repetitive stress injury such as carpal tunnel syndrome. Developing carpal tunnel syndrome can take years of work, and can cause significant pain, weakness, and numbing in the hands and wrist. Unfortunately, though carpal tunnel syndrome is very likely caused by the duties of a computer job, it can be very hard to win a workers compensation case for this kind of injury.


Because of the long term nature of injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome, it can be nearly impossible to prove that the condition developed as a result of the duties of your job. We all type all the time with our free time, be it with your cellphones or our home computers. Any competent defense would point out that these activities contribute to developing carpal tunnel syndrome as much as the workplace tasks. As it is the job of the plaintiff to prove that the injury occurred as a result of the duties of the occupation, your case will likely be dead on arrival.


The specifics of how a carpal tunnel workers compensation case would be handled depend on the specific laws of your state. Different states classify carpal tunnel as different types of injuries, and have different burdens that must be met in order to prove that a plaintiff deserves compensation.


Still, carpal tunnel syndrome can be very painful and can limit your ability to work if you rely on fine motor movements with your hands. The condition can be treated with surgeries and other remedies, but these are not cheap options. If you have found yourself trapped by carpal tunnel syndrome, and believe you have convincing evidence that the tasks of your work are the cause, you should consider contacting an attorney, like a personal injury lawyer Atlanta GA trusts, in your area. An attorney with experience in employment law will be able to apply the specific laws of your state and determine if you have a valid claim. There will be many factors that contribute to building a case, and as this is a long term injury you need to be prepared to bring as much evidence as possible to your attorney. Though there is never any guarantee, it will never hurt to just speak to an attorney and view your options.



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